Pure Thai Cookhouse

BY Lisa Lindblad

November 23, 2013

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PURE Thai Cookhouse is a genuine Thai shophouse style restaurant in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen that features homemade noodles from a prized family recipe. Pure also specializes in signature dishes you would find from the many vendors and shophouses from the farmlands of Phayao, in the North, to the floating markets of Ratchaburi in Central Thailand, to the oceans and fishing villages of Krabi in the South. 

There are dozens of Thai restaurants in New York but, according to a Thai foodie friend of mine, PURE Thai Cookhouse reminds her of home.

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Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 10.30.49 AM I often go on line to read about a new restaurant I am going to dine at, but, this time, I came in cold. The atmosphere was lively (read loud), very busy, and happy (read cozy).  We were given a tiny table and, after extremely attentive service (read slightly pressing) we turned to our menus.  We were advised to share plates; Amanda pointed out that she was vegetarian and so, of the 8 or so dishes we ordered, 7 of them had no meat.

And they were all incredibly delicious.

ricotta dumplings with currants

roasted beets with sweet and sour cherries

heirloom tomatoes with fresh cheese and seaweed

corn soup

and, for me, the outstanding dish was the chicken and eggs with roasted potatoes..and that chicken, cooked sous vide, was one of the most delicious I have tasted..I dream of it still.

When I returned home and went to read about ACME, I saw that the Executive Chef, Mads Refslund, had opened NOMA with Redzepe.  The penny dropped, and I realized why the tubers and vegetables were so creatively presented and delicious to eat.

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I can't wait to go back for a whole new experience, making sure, of course, that the chicken and eggs will be part of any meal I have.

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