Paul Beach House

BY Lisa Lindblad

October 19, 2014

DSCN8218The arbiters of design in the La Barra/Jose Ignacio region have been Aaron Hojman with his vintage architectural interiors at Trading Post and Francis Mallmann who, though a famous chef, could just as readily have been a celebrated interior designer should he have have wished to pursue that road.

We now have Pablo Chiappori’s designs and wonderfully individual and stylish they are.  Paul French Gallery is the shop in Buenos Aires and Paul Beach  House, on the main drag of La Barra, is the new outpost that speaks to just about every need that anyone who owns a house here could have.  A wonderfully large space, you wander from room to room as in a private house – living room, bathroom, kitchen and garden, each showcasing that particular decor.  For a New Yorker, there are familiar items like the rough French linen pillow cases one finds in places like John Derian, but there is a great outdoor furniture design, Drift Wood, which is treated to remain beautiful in the fierce weather we can have in this part of the world.  There are also charming chandeliers, good plates and glassware, leather armchairs and comfortable sofas.

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The Albertine