Meditations #24

BY Lisa Lindblad

August 25, 2011

Places, like people, have their auras. I have felt this power in the mountains of Mexico, the heart of Java, in the Himalayan foothills and mountains, on a desiccated Turkish coast.

The numinous quality of these sacred sites comes from their geology and perhaps, even, from their geographical coordinates. Sages, attracted by their energy, by their hardness and isolation, by the jungles and the caves and the belching craters, came here to contemplate and to study.

The Himalayan foothills, once home to rishis, brilliant Vedic poets, are still the realm of sages and seers. It is here that the Upanishads, the most ancient philosophical texts of the Hindus, were sung. The foothills are also the gathering place for the vegetation that forms the core of Ayurveda medicine.

Ananda In the Himalayas, a spa and retreat of tranquil beauty and profound vision, is a door to this other world.

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There is a magic to this valley, they say, with its flowered meadows

and aspen groves cut by the Roaring Fork.

And those sublime snowcapped peaks that dominate it all.

There is a kinship here, nurtured in the mountain’s fold,

as well as a fierce commitment to protect what is so dearly loved.

Photo:  Forest Woodward

Location:  Aspen, CO

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Meditations #75