Yummy Food

BY Lisa Lindblad

May 13, 2014


Risotto Asparagi, Villa Feltrinelli

There is no place like Italy.  North, south, mountains or seaside, there is something about this country that warms my soul and satisfies me.  I see in the cafe, on the train platform, along the cobbled village path, a deeply-rooted conservatism where family is key and caring for each other and ones history is a staple of daily life.

There is also a pervasive stylishness that you find here.  Even Nonna, in her black twin set, skirt, stockings and stack heeled shoes, looks carefulIy assembled.  I was reminded about this unbranded chic when looking into the local store windows in Bellagio on Lake Como.  The colors, designs and displays are so appealing.  There is a ton of creativity and innovation in the raffia bag, the ballet shoe, the resin bangle studded with crystals.  Why is everything so attractive here, so easy on the eye?


 In sum, Italy’s northern lakes make for a delightful rest and provide a sort of coming home in the most meaningful of ways.  The senses, all of them, are satisfied with the smells of boxwood and herbs, the taste of fruity wines and delicate perch, the sound of a mellifluous language, the pentimento of old colors and the whimsy of new shapes.


Locanda San Vigilio, charming inn occupying a point of Lake Garda, serves delicious food al fresco surrounded by lemon groves, charming staff and relaxed atmosphere.


Beef Carpaccio Sandwich, Villa Feltrinelli


Tagliolini Gratinati al Prosciutto, Harry’s Bar, Venice

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The Mallmann Diaspora