Annemieke Broenink

BY Lisa Lindblad

February 2, 2010

It is such a thrill to come across creative souls!  Annemieke Broenink is the creator of rubber necklace, shawl, tunic jewelry that not only looks marvelous but feels so great to wear.  I am a shawl person in a very bone-deep way — there is a certain security I feel when I have a piece of cloth draped about my shoulders.  And now, with her light mesh of rubber and beads that lies gently around the collar, dipping here and there, I have the same sensation.  It’s hard to be without one of these lovely confections.  The price point is reasonable enough that you can have more than one and, because Annemieke is so approachable, you can even help design the piece by choosing your colors!

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Oh, I love the internet!  SHOP LATITUDE has come in to my box for months, and it has always been axed by my delete button.  Until yesterday.  Looking for a little daily candy (remember that gem?), I opened the site and started traveling.  And shopping.  Forty minutes later I was still trawling the site, looking at sale items (really...those earrings for $16.50??), taken by the designers' backgrounds, inspired by the global give, and delighted to find old friends - Kenya's Adel Dejak, New York's Susan Easton, Mumbai's Bungalow 8 among them.  The stuff is good, really good, and the prices are too.  And the site is going to the destination you can source the best shopping in that city.  Hang on to the list for your next jaunt to Istanbul or Rio.

One tip..there is lots of product, and  I found the best way for me to navigate the content was to click on Shop Designer and then scroll down through the names.  Each time you hover over a name, that person's wares are featured above, and you can get a good sense of whether they appeal to you.


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Shopping the World