Ananda Cont.

BY Lisa Lindblad

August 2, 2011

In spite of the fact that the majority of us adhere to some kind of daily schedule of treatments, exercise, lectures and diet, this is certainly no boot camp for the physically and spiritually flabby.  Ananda is rather a safe haven, a remotely beautiful place and emotionally tender family that receives you with no preconceptions and no demands, that affords you the space and the time to make discoveries both external and internal.  Offering up a buffet of activities that range from spa to lecture, Ayurvedic consultation to cultural excursion, Ananda provides you with the opportunity to expand your knowledge and to make changes, subtle or great.  You can take from its offerings as greedily or sparingly as you wish; what is remarkable is that the quality of the offerings and, more importantly, of the staff that present them, is so superb.  I have never come across a staff with such professional acumen, such genuine warmth and caring, who pay such attention to detail.  And  with 300 in its pool, the service is beyond exceptional.

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In the narrow places of life, it is important to be still. In those precarious moments, we need a steady walk and an absence of noise. We need to seek a wider perspective and to stare our options squarely in the eye.

There are places on earth that lend themselves to this.

 Photo:  Rebecca MacGregor

Kumaon, Indian Himalayas

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Meditations #64