Altagracia: Costa Rica’s New Gem

BY Lisa Lindblad

April 22, 2015

It is a new 50-room gem located in Costa Rica’s  southern highlands.  Built by a prominent family whose great wealth came, in part, from farming (they sold vast holdings to Del Monte Foods), it offers unparalleled accommodations, South America’s finest spa, a wonderful stable of fine horses and three restaurants with delicious food.  It also yearns for visitors to wind their memory clock back to simpler times and to grasp the opportunity of enjoying – again – simple pleasures:  walking barefoot in soft grass; roasting marshmallows at the fire pi;, enjoying long, peaceful walks in gorgeous surroundings.  Coupled with these back to nature pleasures are some decidedly more high tech ones:  they have 8 ultralights for guests and an airstrip that accommodates all manner of fixed wing planes to explore the countryside.

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0014[1]Monolithic churches, cut from single blocks of granite, were excavated top down rather than constructed from the bottom up.  Eleven of them were created in a few short years of the 12th century, built by men, they say, who were aided by angels.

Descend into the earth's fastness to the spiritual core of the Coptic faithful.

Photograph by Dominic Harcourt-Webster

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Meditations #62