A Perfect Marriage

BY Lisa Lindblad

May 18, 2012

There is a venerable factory in France that produces, to my taste, the perfect white ceramic plate, bowl, pitcher, vase.  The glaze is imperfect, the lines simple or fanciful.  To borrow the Japanese concept, Astier de Villatte reflects the philosophy of wabi sabi.  If my life could reflect Astier’s ceramics in all of its aspects, I think it would be simpler,  more pleasing, better balanced.

And yet there are those who begin to yearn for a bit of color, a little fantasy.  Perhaps John Derrian, whose two shops in New York are among my favorites, felt this way; or perhaps he was urged on by his passion for collaboration, by his innate creativity which had found its perfect canvas.


Astier de Villatte and John Derrian have created a collection of charming plates, cups and platters that perfectly marry the shape and glaze that make Astier so collectible and the flower, animal and bug designs that we adore in Derrian’s world.

They are charming, all of them.  I love his ladybug, in particular, for, like his flowers,its little red body is startlingly rich and satisfying.

And just plain sweet.

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Art & Design Flourishing in Cape Town