Meditations #68

BY Lisa Lindblad

October 5, 2015


Sacred tatoos,

magical, mystical supplications for divine protection and blessings.

Etched onto the body, they wrap the naked in a sacred skin, an invisible armour,

an indelible reminder of the right path.

Photo:  Dan White

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Creativity is so much fun!

Latest creation of designer Ashley Sutton, Maggie Choo's is all set design and pure theatre.  Taking you back to 1930's Shanghai, you descend steep stairs (under the Novotel, no less) and into a chop shop that is tiny, authentic and aromatic.  And then, through another set of doors, into the huge bar that features a languid beauty in cheongsam and Louise Brooks bangs on a swing.

It's the details and the lighting that inspire - and the drinks are not bad either.  You probably will not stay long but, as with any novel performance, it's a talking point and, after a delicious Bangkok dinner (high or low), a fun coda to a night out.


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Maggie Choo’s Shanghai Style