Guntu: The Floating Ryokan

BY Lisa Lindblad

June 14, 2018


Guntu is the name for the little blue crabs that snag in the fishermen’s nets, crabs that are not valued for their meat – they have little – but for the rich depth they give to a miso broth.

Guntu is this lovely ship’s name, a floating ryokan in the Seto Inland Sea, composed of 19 beautifully spare and fragrant wood cabins that impart stillness and tranquility.

Time passes slowly here.  The eye is charmed by the hills and calm waters spread before you.

Morning walks and encounters with fishermen are the kind of small moments that please the soul.  And simple, delicious meals, set before you in exquisite dishes, pay homage to the season.

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Meet the beauty of tea.

The Way of Tea is an active meditation, a practice that has evolved over time from a relaxed gathering into the carefully scripted ritual that it is today.

Tea ceremony demands a fully present attention, resulting in extraordinary poise,  quiet beauty and harmony.

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Meditations #91