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23 Feb

Meditations #87

There may be a creeping sameness to the world, but just beneath the monotony lie cultures painted with their own colors and styles. In each...

22 Dec

Meditations #86

There are places, just as there are hosts, who receive you just as you are, asking nothing more than an inquiring mind and a gentle spirit. Bring...

22 Nov

Meditations #85

The child carries his culture, with all its memories, stories and aspirations, on his narrow shoulders.  It is a burden that requires seriousness...

19 Nov

Grief Absolved

     On July 6, my beloved Oliver died.  We had nearly 14 years together, years that coincided with my empty nest, years in which...

28 Oct

Meditations #84

She tangled with ghost nets and lost her flipper.  The pain we cause to other creatures, through thoughtlessness and arrogance, is tragic. When...

13 Oct

The Maldives

  Gililankanfushi With 26 atolls and over 11oo islands, the Maldives scatter across the Indian Ocean like cabochon gems flung upon a blue...

14 Sep

Bountiful, Beautiful Bamboo

Honda Shoryu, Timber bamboo and rattan, 2000 There is a period missing in the timeline of human development, that of the Bamboo Age. Bamboo’s...

3 Sep

Meditations #83

      Mankind has opted for monoculture, a desert of boredom. We travel to escape – vertically up a mountain or into the seas’...

23 Aug

Shine The Light

I am always energized by the bi-annual Javits Center show that features a staggering array of products for the home, lifestyle and gift.  My...

18 Aug

Beautiful Bahamas

I always forget just how beautiful, pristine and naturally rich the Bahamas are.  We travel halfway around the world looking for gorgeous beaches...

31 Jul

Birds of Prey

I have become fascinated by birds of prey.  I have always loved seeing eagles riding the thermals across the African plains, but it wasn’t...

11 Jul

A Weekend in England’s Lake District

Located two hours north of Manchester is England’s beautiful Lake District. While the region has been beloved by the British for centuries...

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