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2 May

Willing Foot Takes You to Tuscany’s Best

Willing Foot, the “exclusive, entirely innovative way to experience any destination” (Maria Schollenbarger) offers a one-day itinerary...

15 Mar

Azul: Great Vibe

I just celebrated a birthday and chose, as the dinner venue for my group of 8 friends, a favorite of mine, LES restaurant Azul. I first came...

6 Feb

Meditations #19

A glimpse of irresistible Paris, through the window, through the mind’s eye. Architecture first, then art, food, light next.It is often...

8 Jan

Brazil’s Coast

Manhattan has, as extraordinary as it is for us who live here to believe, been brought to its knees by a snowstorm.  The season’s leaden...

26 Sep

Dario Cecchini

Dario Cecchini is a real character;  he is also an inspired cook who, for the last 35 years, has run his tiny butchery near Greve and then two...

25 Sep

A Day in the Country

My day started 30 minutes from Perugia in Umbria, that less-known sister of Tuscany, the one that is a little more withdrawn, that carries her...

23 Sep

Castello di Vicarello

Perhaps it is only with age that one begins to truly appreciate texture.  Be it the removal of surface layers to reveal the original, as in...

2 Sep

Italy Comes to New York

What happens when three of New York’s most beloved Italian-American restaurateurs team up with the founder of a gourmet food and wine market...

14 Jul

Masseria San Giuliano

On the eastern coast of Sicily, between Catania and Siracusa, one face to the mountain and the other to the sea, gentled by vineyards  and rolling...

9 Jul

Salud! The Red & Yellow

You won’t find it unless you have been directed there or are simply curious about the red and yellow flag of Spain that hangs from the...

19 Jun

A New York Weekend

Summer has arrived in New York City and, what that means to die-hard New Yorkers, is bliss.   Finally, we get to take our city back —...

9 Jun

Fresh, Seasonal, Delicious – Syrian Gastronomy

Just as Syria is a cradle of human culture, its cuisine impressed me as a star of world gastronomy along with Chinese, French or Italian gastronomy. As...

13 Apr

Bayonne Market

  Bayonne, the capital of the northern Basque country, sits at the confluence of the Adour and Nive rivers and has been, for centuries,...

11 Apr

Hegia – The Magic of Arnaud Daguin

  The renowned chef, Arnaud Daguin, is an inheritor of a name and a profession which he has made his own.  Born and raised in Gascogny,...

9 Apr

france’s Provence

There is a wonderful warm feeling arriving back in Provence and a jolt that  reminds me how much I miss France’s countryside.  The warmth...

5 Feb

DBGB Kitchen and Bar

How, after years of eating my national food, the hamburger, could I possibly find the quintessential, most delicious burger I have ever put...

27 Jan

Anthony Bourdain: Traveler

Most people know Anthony Bourdain from his book, Kitchen Confidential, which jackhammered the restaurant world when it hit the shelves.  The...

15 Dec

Country Cooking

Each person has his own window through which he likes to view a culture.  Some choose cathedrals and museums and others markets and materials....

11 Dec

El Bulli – Irresistible

1961. It all began with a minigolf installation… Doctor Hans Schilling, a German homeopathic doctor, and his wife Marketta, Czechoslovakian...

10 Dec

Anissa Helou – a New Friend

A lovely mutual friend, Mei Zhang, who is the founder and owner of Wild China, the best purveyor of interesting trips there, introduced me to...

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