Meditation #90

BY Lisa Lindblad

June 25, 2018

Her name is Mabel, from the Latin, Amabilis, meaning loving, lovable, beautiful.

Mabel is an orphan –  loving, lovable and beautiful.

100 years ago you would find Amabels, Maes and Mabels everywhere.  They were fashionable names, one might even say trendy.

Today you have to search widely for a Mabella or Maybelline.

And orangutans?

They, too, are fading into a memory.


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Meet the beauty of tea.

The Way of Tea is an active meditation, a practice that has evolved over time from a relaxed gathering into the carefully scripted ritual that it is today.

Tea ceremony demands a fully present attention, resulting in extraordinary poise,  quiet beauty and harmony.

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Meditations #91