Beautiful Bahamas

BY lisal

August 18, 2017

I always forget just how beautiful, pristine and naturally rich the Bahamas are.  We travel halfway around the world looking for gorgeous beaches – Indonesia, offshore Southeast Asian islands, the Maldives – and on our own doorstep I believe we have the finest water and beaches found anywhere on earth.  Because the sand is so white, you have that gorgeous play of multi-hued blues ranging from powder to turquoise to deep navy.  Some beaches drop off deep providing great diving; others descend gradually toward a reef, offering children and lazy ones like me a natural pool.  From the Exumas’ cays north to Nassau, Abaco and Andros, the Bahamas are the playground for fishermen, divers, snorkelers, vacationers – and naturalists.  Each island has its own natural offering: the Abaco parrot; a Blue Hole like the one above on Long Island; elusive manatees, dolphins, whales, sharks and sea lions, all of whom beckon scuba, free divers and snorkelers.  Over this wide spread of sea and sand there truly is something for everyone.

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Mankind has opted for monoculture, a desert of boredom.

We travel to escape – vertically up a mountain or into the seas’ depths, horizontally across continents into remoteness.  We look for adventure and magic, to discover our inner power awakened in survival.

And while I know I am an agent of destruction of the very world I yearn for, I nevertheless must go and see it.  For what else is there but cultures formed of fragments and debris from another time, pieced together in another way.

All photos by Varun Mathur from Jungle  Sutra of India's Hornbill Festival

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Meditations #83